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Are you looking for someone to talk to about some issues you are having in your life? Issues at work, school, at home, with your children, spouse, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend, or with a neighbor, or even questions about your life choices, personal problems, intimate problems, anxieties, depression, spiritual questions, "I got no where else to turn" type of stuff, or about God and his plan for your life? Well then, look no further. As a Christian counselor, missionary, and former pastor, I am ready to listen, pray and help with straight-forward advice. 
After 20 years in the ministry, I have found a compelling means to help people identify their true temperament. Christian Temperament Counseling is an assessment of not only who you are, but who God intended you to be. As your creator, God has a plan for your life. With this knowledge and understanding of your temperament blend, I am confident that finding practical solutions is within reach. I want to thank you for stopping by and for reading my blog posts. If you would like to contact me, please visit me at Christian Temperament Counseling. You can learn more about my counseling format and how to make an appointment for counseling.
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