State to Allow Parkland to Raise Taxes Above Index

The state Department of Education granted "exceptions" to the Parkland School District because of mandated expenditures, the district said.

The will be allowed to raise taxes up to 3.67 percent for the 2012-2013 school year, according to information provided at the Parkland School Board meeting on Tuesday.

The district had applied to the state Department of Education for permission, or special exceptions, to raise taxes above the state-mandated Act 1 index of 1.7 percent because of costs outside of its control. The state designed the "exceptions" to help districts pay for such costs.

Parkland had applied for exceptions related to escalating special education costs and fixed distributions to the Pennsylvania State Employee Retirement System. Both are mandated by the state.

In January, the Parkland School Board for the 2012-2013 school year that would require a 4.96 percent tax increase, above the cap. However, school officials have been working to reduce the budget and potential tax hike, through wage freezes, , .

If the district passes its final budget in June at the tax cap, the district’s millage would increase 1.46 mills, to 41.19 mills from 39.73 mills.

An all-day budget seminar is planned for Friday, March 30.

SWT Resident March 21, 2012 at 04:14 PM
We are slowly being taxed out of out homes and property ownership by school taxes. Its funny that when the allowable exceptions were designed into the bill to limit school tax increases without taxpayer say-so...those exceptions are the reasons school districts are going broke: school teacher unions salaries, pensions, and health care. What will it take for these legislators to understand...we can't continue to carry the cost for teachers unions based on the tax levied on our properties??? To continue to do so completely ruins a taxpayers last financial sanctuary: the roof over their heads, their biggest investment, and their last hope for financial security. Keep this up and very soon you will see mass exodus from certain school districts. Home prices were ruined by the bubble. Then, and now still, people can not borrow money to buy homes that have become reasonably priced. Next...sellers will not be able to sell and buyers will not purchase a home with an $8,000+ school tax bill.
Jerry Sandusky March 21, 2012 at 04:38 PM
at 138 million, each student cost $13250 per year! $73 per day, seems a bit excessive


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