Parkland Students, Teachers, Mascots Celebrate School Board Appreciation Night

Parkland students, teachers and mascots showed their School Board directors a little love Tuesday night for Board Appreciation Night.


Eight Parkland Elementary School mascots were joined by students and teachers to show just how much they appreciate everything the volunteer School Board directors do.

They also showed directors just what is special about their individual schools, citing their formulas for success.

Much like a fashion-show runway, the evening started out with music and an announcer who introduced each school with its mascot as they entered the room and walked up the center aisle.

Springhouse and Orefield middle schools and Parkland High School were represented with a video.

mark wood January 23, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Board appreciation night? and they OK to take 10 million in capital improvements? and you use the children as a delivery system for propaganda to the low information voter? This is not good government. and fools believe it is. join the fools and opine this! What a total disconnect you, any taxpayer, must have to tolerate this. Two ways to deal with you tax payers, buy force or reason, and because you as a tax payer are sooooo unreasonable, we will use the "Force", we will take more and more , shut up!. as of today, NO MORE VOTING FOR ME, All the decades of voting have screw me, I give up, no more voting for this loser tax payer, it has only brought me higher everything, 100 years ago we had no taxes, today? Will somebody do some homework! See for yourself. Let the taxpayer see the break down of these "capitol improvements". feel free to install your next taker, they are all the same, no difference. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. "by The Who". so true ....


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