Mr. Parkland 2013 is Marcus Spiegel [Video]

Marcus Spiegel tops 14 of his classmates in the 2013 'Mr. Parkland' competition at Parkland High School.

Marcus Spiegel was crowned "Mr. Parkland 2013" at Saturday night's high-spirited competition among 15 students nominated because they are seniors in good academic standing and who are positive role models for students.

The Parkland High School contestants were judged on their stage presence, appearance, creativity and talent. Last year's Mr. Parkland was Jeremy Gedeon.

Spiegel, who plans to attend Princeton University, played piano and violin for his talent portion of the event.

As Mr. Parkland, Spiegel will be the school representative at athletic and performing arts events throughout the 2013 season.

The Senior Class benefits from the proceeds of the event and a $500 scholarship go to the winner.

This year's contestants were:

  • Boima Anderson
  • Nathan Case
  • Chris D'Imperio
  • Tyler Duff
  • Jake Grim
  • Luke Klecan
  • Akil Lewis
  • Zach Luettgen
  • AJ Mehta
  • John Pellosie
  • Alex Petyerak
  • Josh Reichard
  • Xavier Roden
  • Chad Snyder
  • Marcus Spiegel


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