These Projects Could Affect Your Taxes

Development in neighboring South Whitehall and North Whitehall townships will help boost assessments and tax collection within the entire Parkland School District.

Last week, Patch reported on development projects in Upper Macungie Township that will help keep school-related property taxes down.

On Friday, during an all-day 2013-14 school budget seminar, the Parkland School Board also reported on similar development in neighboring South Whitehall and North Whitehall townships.

Development in these neighboring sending districts will also help assessments and tax collection within the entire Parkland School District.

According to the school district:

In South Whitehall:

  • Only two building permits have been issued for new homes, which are two less than at this time last year.
  • Approximately two-thirds of the residential land in the township has been developed.
  • Don't expect to see multi-family or townhome development anytime soon.
  • There are 286 approved lots for residential development with 73 single-family detached dwellings, 199 townhomes at Blue Barn Meadows and 14 twins at Ressler Acres.
  • Sketch plans were submitted for a 106 single-family home development on the north side of Walbert Ave. between Winchester Heights and Shoemaker Jeep, known as Rutz Farm.
  • Commercial building permits made up 48 percent of the 2012 total. Commercial projects in 2012 included Dorney Park, Luther Crest Apartments conversions, the addition at Giant Food Stores, an addition at Zator Law Offices and tenant fitouts at Hamiton Court., Tilghman Square and office parks.
  • This year's commercial outlook has 143,000 square-feet of new building poised to start construction. Anticipated projects are Dorney Square office building, Tilghman Square improvements, a Rothrock dealership auto body shop, the Cetronia Ambulance Corp. Joint Operations Facility, Broadway-Cooper Car Wash and St. Luke's re-use of the former Pennsylvania Expo Center.

In North Whitehall:

  • Timber Ridge development is the only area that may be developed. However, it only has 10 townhomes remaining to be built.
  • There are no new plans for a Walmart in North Whitehall.
  • Plans have been submitted for a strip mall (Marians Plaza) near Route 873 and Route 309.
  • There are new filtration system regulations that require storm water runoff to be retained on a lot. That regulation requires larger lot sizes and, as a result, a reduction in growth in North Whitehall.
John May 11, 2013 at 12:39 PM
I cannot ever be shocked by the ludicrous articles and statements written about the Parkland tax situation. This one rises to the top, with next week's article ready to take over 1st place. EVERY one of these projects add revenues AND costs to these communities. When will this area recognize that true savings comes when NO MORE costs are paid for by decreasing dollars....a true savings! Increasing revenue by tax dollars while also requiring increased utilization of roadways, police and fire, increased students, increased community bandwidth go on the side of the ledger called EXPENSE. To seriously SAVE, or LOWER taxes, we would need to see solutions of SPENDING, not INCREASING REVENUE while INCREASING COSTS. Has anyone taken a course in business finance in any political or educational sector in this area? OOPS, my bad, I forgot that government uses OTHER PEOPLE's money in their math calculations!!!


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