'$10 Project' Spurs Community Action at Fogelsville

Fogelsville Elementary School students are asked to take $10 per classroom and find a way to help the community.

Fogelsville Elementary School students have been asked to brainstorm about how just $10 can help the community.

Students were challenged by the school's Parent Teacher Organization to take on the project this month and next month, with the goal that students and teachers find a way to give back to the Upper Macungie community.

Each classroom wiill receive $10 and a poster board with the only rule being that they cannot spend the money on their own classroom.

Each class will display its results during the school's Spring Festival on the night on May 10 from 5:30 to 8.

Examples of community service suggested to students were:

  • Feed the homeless
  • Show appreciation for someone in the community
  • Buy bus passes for those in need
  • Purchase yarn to knit hats or scarves for the homeless
  • Purchase baby items for new parents
  • Donate to a child's cafeteria fund
  • Buy items to make cards for a children's hospital or senior center
  • Plant a tree or flowers in the community
  • Bake goods to sell and raise further money
  • Pool together money for the homeless



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