Ads Now Available at Parkland Sports Fields

Parkland School Board directors approve an advertising fee schedule that makes it possible for the district to accept money for ads on sports fields.


Parkland School Board directors Tuesday approved a new advertising fee schedule that opens the door for advertisers to purchase ground banner ads to display at football, basketball and soccer games.

There was no discussion among the directors before they voted 8 to 1, with Director Robert Cohen dissenting, to approve the new fees.

After the meeting, Cohen said he didn't support advertising on sports fields because he is "concerned about the appropriateness of commercial entities advertising in a public environment." He has consistently voiced his opposition since the topic was raised earlier this year.

Advertisers can now purchase 32-inch-by-96-inch ground banners printed on a plastic-like material known as Coroplast. They will be available at football, basketball and soccer games and vary in price from $500 to $2,000, depending on the sport.

If all 22 available banner spaces are sold, the district anticipates it will generate $32,000 annually, and 100 percent of that money will go to the district. Vendors will be responsible for producing and delivering the banners as well as for the cost, which is estimated to be about $330.

The banners will be on the field between the field of play and spectator stands.

Some restrictions will apply. The district's policy states: "No advertising regulated under this policy shall be associated in any way with the sale of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons; contain vulgar or offensive, obscene, or sexually explicit language; advocate the violation of law or district policy; advance any religious or political organization; promote, favor, or oppose a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure; be associated with any company or individual whose actions are otherwise in violation of law; invade the privacy of any person; infringe intellectual property rights; or materially and substantially interfere with or be disruptive to the educational program of the district."

To reserve an ad, call Parkland's office of Community Relations & Development at 610-351-5630.


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