Zoning Board Gives Small Dog a Swell Fence

A Breinigsville homeowner got a variance to put up a fence for her dog that encroaches into a swell.


Ana Lucia Pinheiro, at 858 Yorkshire Drive in Breinigsville, wants to install a fence to keep her small dog in the back yard.

That fence, however, would be within a drainage easement and a conservation easement. If she followed the zoning regulations the fence would be so close to the back of the house, that it would be impractical.

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Al Geosits, the zoning officer for , told the that the drainage easement on the proerty is for a very small amount of water. Pinheiro’s property sits on a hill.

“It’s a very small swell,” Geosits said. “There’s not a whole lot of water in the swell.”

One of the zoning board members asked Pinheiro if she intends to put any landscaping along the fence line. Vegetation would prevent the water from flowing into the swell.

Pinheiro said she only intends to put landscaping on the hillside at the back of the yard, so that she doesn’t have to mow the grass in that area. The hillside is within the conservation easement.

Michael McCrystal, chairman of the zoning board, suggested the board approve to variance allowing for the fence to be placed along the edge of the drainage easement, but with the condition that no shrubbery or vegetation be planted in the drainage area along the fence.

The board approved it.


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