Upper Macungie Wants to Build a $450,000 Splash Park

Upper Macungie Township applies for a grant to build splash park at Grange Road Park.

Upper Macungie Township officials hope to make a splash at .

The Thursday night approved a motion for the township to apply for a Pennsylvania Department of Conservation Natural Resources grant that would be used for a splash park at Grange Road.

Dean Haas, Upper Macungie's engineer from Keystone Consulting, told the supervisors that a grant application is due on April 4.

The township has begun developing the in phases, starting with a pavilion, restrooms and a concession stand and next with a playground, Haas said.

He said the township has already purchased the playground equipment. Haas said that a recent survey of all residents stated that they wanted a swimming pool.

"It would just be difficult to support the cost of a swimming pool for this sized community," he said. "But a splash park is a big success and has high demand. It would certainly enhance the playground."

He said splash parks and swimming pools are also top uses for state DCNR grants. Haas said that could lead to a 50 percent match for the splash pool, which could cost $450,000.

The park has been used for soccer fields and this summer will also host a community movie night.

Splash parks are areas with no standing water. They typically have ground nozzles that spray water upwards. They also feature mushroom umbrellas and various types of sprayers.

"With splash parks, you don't need lifeguards, bath houses and staffing," Supervisor Kathy Rader said. "People get upset when kids who are lifeguards go back to school and there isn't much coverage for the last few weeks. This is a great alternative."

Parkland Parent March 27, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Boy, you are a smart person Joann, what do your house assessments have to do with a water park? If you live in Upper Macungie, most likely your taxes went down and the value of your property went up. As much as I despise the rubber stamp approval and WAY too many warehouses in Upper Macungie, that is what drives your prices up and taxes down. As for the spalsh pool, not a WATERPARK, we have many children in this community who would love this. My only concern is are we going to have issues with folks from center city Allentown coming to use our facilities and cause damage, like they do to Lone Lane Park?
Amy March 28, 2012 at 01:49 AM
The problem with a splashpark is that only people with small children will use it. Everyone, young and old, can use a swimming pool.
Baseball Dad March 29, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Ok, so the township is going to spend $225,000 of my tax dollars for a splashpark. Meanwhile I have to drive my sons to South Whitrhall for baseball. Grange park is a mile from my house and baseball fields have been on the development plans for years. At almost $4 a gallon for gas, it would sure help my budget for a round trip of 2 miles versus 10 miles, especially since it's 4 - 5 days a week between now and July. Thanks Upper Mac.
Parkland Parent March 29, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Build a pool and then pay for lifeguards, upkeep, bathrooms..etc. Adults can go anywhere. Baseball Dad - Maybe your kid should not be so busy, let him enjoy life a bit. 4-5 days a week? Grange Park has made plenty of progress since it has been open.
Macungie BBall April 05, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Honestly pools around here are getting boring. Getting in and just swimming it used to have thrill but now its not. We need a little change in this community. I'm a kid and I don't know about the economy or taxes but every one complains about child obesity mabey now there is a more fun version of a swimming pool kids will get out more and shed a weight. If we had a nice park were kids could relax and not get bullied for the way they look or who the are or there skin color or religion that would be great maybe it will pull the kids of the streets. Parkland parent honestly what do you care your all the way in parkland. That's pretty racist saying center city allentown kids will come and ruin every thing.


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