Upper Macungie Officials Begin Budget Talks

Even though it's only August, township supervisors and department heads got together Monday to begin forming the 2013 Upper Macungie budget.

and department heads got together Monday afternoon and began the formal process of hashing out the 2013 township budget.

The mid-afternoon session was light on details as department heads still must meet with the treasurer, but there was one topic of debate that was at the forefront -- just how much is the new Upper Macungie Police Department going to cost?

That question is still up in the air, since the breakup of the is still ongoing. Part of the problem, according to township supervisor Sam Ashmar, is how much of the early retirement and pension system Upper Macungie will be on the hook for.

That will be up to solicitors and the Berks-Lehigh Regional Police Commission to figure out, but the price tag could be north of $500,000, a number that would bust any township's budget.

The supervisors did pass a motion to fill an open public works position with a mechanic's position -- someone who would be able to service the police vehicles on a more regular basis than a dealership can.

Still, there were some resolutions that were bandied about at the meeting.

"We should not be funding developers," Ashmar said. "They shouldn't be coming in front of us unless they are fully funded. We're not an interest-free credit line," he said.

"And we have to do a better job with the vendors," he added. "We have to do a better job on what we have coming in getting paid, because that's where we're getting hammered."

The next session will be Aug. 29 at 4 p.m.

Just Sick and Tired August 14, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Another year of BS. According to these same people develoment was going to save us from higher taxes. Well we are overdeveloped where is the savings? Where are the lower taxes? Thatx all we get from the township is more BS every year. The area is ruined by truck traffic, used home prices are depressed, taxes just went up and the township doesn't even make developers pretend to submit traffic studies anymore. They are in such a rush to approve everything that they can't even wait for engineers to tell thm their lies. They approve it wirhout the required reports Upper macungie is fast becoming the warehouse district of the Lehigh valley and as everyone knows the warehouse district of any city is eventually the dump of the area complete with hookers perverts and low lives. Look it up at the state magan law site. You can see what great citizens these warehouses have brought to our community
Parkland Parent August 16, 2012 at 04:34 PM
I agree. I am very concerned as to the amount of truck traffic in Upper Macungie, everyday I read about another accident from out of state truckers on that horrible area by Rt 100/222 bypass race track, and the surrounding community. Anyone forget there is a school in that location as well? How long until one of those truckers who is clueless to the area hits a school bus from Fogelsville? Way to much development and the residents can support without it. No more parks, how about buying up some farm land to keep away from developers, do more with that. In addition, who was the genious that approved the homes on Schantz Rd by Centronia? Are they insane?? Buy that farm, do you know what the traffic and stress on the infrastructure will be? Roads, schools...etc....get ready for a light at Centronia and Schantz. Now we have our own police force, great, I for one expect top notch patrolling and protection. Keep the losers out of the parks and control the neighborhoods. Excellent point as well, do you know how many perverts on Megans List work in those factories? Go to Wawa on Rt 100 on any factory work night before the night shift, LOSER CENTRAL. In addition, any plans to demolish the most disgusting part of the township? Lehigh motor inn/truck stop/pervert central? STOP THE RUBBER STAMP APPROVAL PROCESS PLEASE!


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