Upper Macungie Begins Search For Township Manager

Township will hire Lafayette College center to help search for new manager.

Upper Macungie supervisors have begun the search for a township manager.
Upper Macungie supervisors have begun the search for a township manager.
A new year could bring a new leader to Upper Macungie.

Township supervisors voted Monday to hire the non-profit Meyner Center from Lafayette College in Easton to help them search for a township manager to run the 21,000-person community. 

"We are too big," Supervisor Kathy Rader said, noting that Upper Macungie is one of the few Lehigh County municipalities to not have a manager or administrator. "We cannot afford at this point not to have a manager.”

Meyner will charge $75 for its help, with costs capped at $6,000, but Rader said the center's director told her the fee rarely goes higher than $4,000.

The board also voted to set up a search committee of residents to help pick the manager. Supervisors said the hiring of a manager won't cancel out another proposed change in leadership: going from a three-member to five-member board.
Chris Casey January 07, 2014 at 07:35 PM
Good to see the Township growing up and admitting that change is needed.
Mitch Rapp January 08, 2014 at 09:49 PM
Chris, please tell me what was wrong. I'd like to know how a new manager's position, that wasn't budgeted for in FY14, is needed. The way I see it, this useless position will cost an existing line item from this year's (already approved) budget to be nixed, or an increase in taxes. Have you read the Morning Call's article about the recent board meeting? http://www.mcall.com/news/local/parkland/mc-upper-macungie-township-manager-20140106,0,7152611.story Take a minute to read the article, and focus on Mrs. Rader's comment about working for a manager during the day, but being that manager's supervisor off hours. Do you think that's a recipe for success? How in the World can that not be a conflict of interest? you think that manager would be effective? Of course not! It's just a way for someone else to do Mr. Brunell's role as supervisor while he's working in Reading at his full-time job, while Kathy sits behind a desk collating papers all day. But this story does have a silver lining, Chris. It would be so much worse off had you been elected. Thank God!
John January 12, 2014 at 09:29 AM
I couldn't agree more with Mitch's perspective. In an economy that remains stalled, with taxpayers who can afford to stay in the area, struggling with tax increases and cost of living increases, the concept of adding yet another FTE to the budget appears very Washington-like (when in doubt, add another person to bigger government). One of the unique things about Upper Macungie IS its model of small government, succussfully operating under a reasonable budget. Following others inefficiencies is simply stupid. What would the job description of such a person do, and at what cost, that isn't lready being done? I would prefer bringing this to a vote of taxpayers, rather than simply following the leader of other incompetent municipalities!!!


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