Supervisors Pass Jaindl Zoning Swap

Upper Macungie supervisors pass the measure by a 2-1 margin, but the land development project is still before township planners.

, following contentious debate Tuesday night, passed a resolution that could allow the Ocean Spray company to build a new facility at the southwest corner of Schantz Road and Route 100.

Land developer David Jaindl and project engineer J. Scott Pidcock, asked the  board to rezone a to light lndustrial from highway commercial after it received the

Forty-four of the 60 acres will be used for the so-called Project Pilgrim, which could allow a 315,000 square foot industrial building for use by Ocean Spray. That matter is still before township planners.

Supervisor chairman Edward Earley and Kathy Rader voted in favor of the zoning measure. Supervisor Samir Ashmar voted against the measure and voiced the most opposition.

"This is a total injustice to the township," Ashmar said. "We don't have a traffic study in front of us. We're getting in the middle of a deal between a developer and Ocean Spray."

Supervisors heard on the proposal, much of it negative due to traffic concerns, on Dec. 21.

"I believe it would be naive to think this land will remain agricultural in perpituity and it would be preferable to see it zoned light industrial," Earley said.

A full traffic study, paid for by the township had not yet been completed, although Keystone Consulting Engeering's Scott Stenroos said the traffic trips created by the light industrial zoning would be bearable.

Rader said she agreed with Ashmar on most of his traffic points, but the zoning swap was a better alternative than having highway commercial development near .

Much of the land in question, located on Route 100 between the Route 222 bypass and Interstate 78, surrounds the elementary school.

"There could be (highway commercial) uses like hotels, nightclubs and restaurants with drive-throughs and those uses would be better away from the elementary school down by the bypass," Rader said. "We've got to get the traffic relief, because if we don't nobody's going to get product out to the Interstate, but that's a matter aside from this."

Ashmar polled engineers and township planner Ken Maloney on whether they thought the township was rushing into things without looking at a full traffic study. Maloney and both township solicitors said yes, but the remainder concurred with Earley and Rader.

"The township voted properly on this," Jaindl said. "It's a re-zoning application and it was approved by the township's planning commission."

Jaindl declined to comment on whether or not a development deal was pending with Ocean Spray.

He did tell supervisors he would be happy to help put together meetings to have some of the existing traffic concerns quelled.

"Any way the the township needs me, I will be happy to help," Jaindl said.

The next where Project Pilgrim could be discussed is scheduled for Jan. 18.

Amy January 04, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Are we really surprised by this decision? Oh and if you think commoners get elected to UMT, think again. You have to be up someone's *** in order to get in, which means you are going to be held to the standards they expect, not the people that live there. Hence some of the results of our recent election...
Joe Corcoran January 04, 2012 at 05:22 PM
This story incorrectly reports the results of the poll of township consultants by leaving out the comments of the township solicitors. Both William and Andrew Schantz stated that they thought the township was rushing the decision and should wait for more information. Dr. Earley and Mrs. Rader therefore went against their own counsel in making this decision.
D. Wag January 05, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Seems to me that Mr. Ashmar is the only one with any brains here!!! Doesn't anyone realize that Upper Mac already has dozens and dozens of residents filing complaint after complaint about truck traffic and horrendous noise conditions??? Rt 100 will NOT handle any more of these huge vehicles!!! Thanks again Jaindl !! Keep up the great work of ruining the LV for your own personal profit!!!
Parkland Parent January 05, 2012 at 05:30 AM
LMT - You are correct, people do not often take the time to get involved in local government, in fact, most people do not even care until it causes them a problem, this is an issue all over the country. It still does not take away the clear point that this decision is shady and suspect with corruption, if the Gov was involved, which he clearly was, let him come live next to another factory, Republican typical, all for big business and Scr(w the little people. D.Wag - Mr. Ashmar was the best person appointed to this board, he is a dedicated and caring individual who gives tons of his time to our community, I have been to meetings and he always takes the road best fit for our citizens. The other two have an agenda and clearly pushed this through without thought, it makes me sick that they would continue to add more industry and more so, put it by an Elementary school, look at the quotes and you will see. I voted for Joe Corcoran in the last election. Two people need to go and be voted out, good ol boys club needs to be ended, UMT has some serious issues with ethics. Ask someone about the garbage contract and how that was dealt with also. Give Jaindl the keys to the township, he runs the show, not us, we just pay for his choices. Better yet, put his name on a few more things. Absurd.
Parkland Parent January 05, 2012 at 05:38 AM
Wondering who also approved the planned homes to be built on Schantz Road closer to Cetronia on that end of the township, are they crazy??? Is it not crowded enough in UMT? Is that area not busy enough? Ever try to make a left turn off of Schantz on to Centronia? Schools not crowded enough? 50 kids in a class soon enough, or I have a great idea, let's build another school, name it Jaindl II and then move kids from another school into it and then move them out again. How about we build a new police station also? Oh, sorry, we are doing that already. Will it be called the Jaindl police station?


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