Supervisors Hear Comment On Jaindl Land Swap

Upper Macungie supervisors table the Jaindl Land Co. matter until January as a result.

Upper Macungie supervisors heard from representatives from Jaindl Land Co. and members of the public Wednesday night concerning a proposed .

But the three-member board, after hearing the testimony and public comment, voted to table the matter until its January 3, 2012 meeting.

The proposal, if ultimately allowed by supervisors, will allow a manufacturing company to build a new facility at the southwest corner of Schantz Road and Route 100.

Land developer David Jaindl and project engineer J. Scott Pidcock, want the  board to rezone a to light lndustrial from highway commercial.

Forty-four of the 60 acres will be used for the so-called Project Pilgrim, which will be used to build a 315,000 square foot industrial building for use by Ocean Spray.

"This will be all upside and no downside for the township," said Jaindl Land Co. attorney Joseph Zator. "Project Pilgrim is a manufacturing facility that is good for jobs and good for Upper Macungie Township.

Pidcock told supervisors and the public that the proposal is consistent with the township's comprehensive plan. He said the zoning swap would make for better traffic conditions within township's busy corridor.

Increasing traffic and road congestion is always a concern in Upper Macungie Township and members of the public made their voices heard in that regard.

"We rely on Schantz Road and (Route) 100 to be clear," said resident John Landis. "What's the solution for our township. How will we keep people coming to our businesses?"

Pidcock admitted that the Ocean Spray project would be in jeopardy if the zoning swap did not occur.

That drew the ire of some township residents.

"Jaindl is presenting a doomsday scenario," said resident Joe Corcoran. "Pretty soon, we'll have heard about everything but the quarry and the turkey farm."

"The township doesn't really need this," said resident Andrew Shope. "What happened to the township's zoning? It would be asinine to put another traffic light on Route 100 to benefit the Jaindl Land Co. once again."

truth seeker December 22, 2011 at 03:03 PM
David Jaindl has no respect for local communities. He and his sidekick lawyer Joe Zator are obsessed with the accumulation of land and ultimately money.
MS December 22, 2011 at 03:21 PM
David Jaindl only concerns himself with what he can put in his pocket, all while spewing benefits that are greatly outweighed by the hardships it will put on the township and the residents. I commend Upper Macungie for going about this with public testimony and not sitting behind closed doors like Lower Macungie did.
Amy December 22, 2011 at 08:06 PM
I was unable to attend the meeting, but am certainly glad that the complaints were heard. We most certainly DO NOT need any further warehouses or manufacturing facilitites in our area. Most of the jobs created are minimum wage jobs anyway that no one really wants anymore these days. Further, there is more than adequate areas that are already built and standing empty that should be used before any more construction takes place. Jaindl can keep his develoments and move them to another state from now on. PA doesn't need it anymore and there are no benefits no matter what is said by him or his supporters... Thank-you to Joe Corcoran for making your thoughts public as well.
Friends for Protection LMT December 23, 2011 at 02:53 PM
For more information on residents fight (Our 1000th signature will be presented in front of the LMT BOC in January) for community input in zoning in LMT (primarily the 700 acre Jaindl tract) visit www.facebook.com/friendslmt "Like" our page to stay informed.
Ron Beitler December 23, 2011 at 03:43 PM
Classic Jaindl playbook 1. ram through zoning amendment/change/swap without proper traffic studies or ethical environmental studies. 2. condescendingly lecture the public about "the land will never remain cornfields" when the issue is about so much more. Traffic, the environment, quality of life and on and on.


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