Supervisors Approve Ocean Spray Plan

Upper Macungie supervisors hinted that money may be available for road improvements.

formally passed juicemaker Thursday night request to build a 315,000 square-foot bottling facility on 44 acres of land near Route 100 and Schantz Road.

And, the project may be completed with little to no cost to the township's taxpayers concerning traffic improvements required at two major township intersections.

"There are some traffic concerns at Boulder Drive and Industrial Drive and Industrial Drive and Route 100," said Director of Community Development Ken Moloney. "We're confident that these can be addressed at no cost to the township. The township is in discussion with three or four different entities to pay for the project and we're very confident the funds will be made available."

The price tag on those improvements were pegged at between $800,000 and $1 million by engineers last month.

Supervisor chairman Edward Earley, asked whether the funds coming from the state or other sources, said "I think you can assume that."

Erich Fritz, Ocean Spray's Director of Manufacturing Operations, personally thanked the board for its cooperation.

"Thank you for all the hard work and determination that was put behind this," Fritz said.

The $110 million project, which has the backing of Gov. Tom Corbett's office, is expected to bring 165 jobs into the Lehigh Valley. Ocean Spray is moving its operations to the Lehigh Valley from Bordentown, N.J.

Traffic, road cost and safety concerns were still the major concerns on the path to construction of the facility. Those concerns were addressed at a contentious planning commission meeting last month, particularly since one of the access roads comes close to

Many in that audience were supportive of the project that evening, despite the traffic concerns.

Parkland Parent February 03, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Disgusting....just disgusting. Money MAY be available??!!! Are you kidding me?? How nice to subject the children at Fogelsville Elementary to truck exhaust. Love how the superintendent of Parkland has not problem with this either, do his kids go here? Maybe he was paid off also. Anyone want to guess how much $ Jaindl gave to the governor and his election campaign. This whole thing STINKS. Thank you Mr. Ashmar and several citizens for trying to stop this or ask for more clarification. Three people control everything, how puzzling....VOTE THEM OUT and enjoy the 50000 more trucks on Rt 100.
Armand February 03, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Why do we have a township? Lets cut out the middlemen and just declare David Jaindl Supreme High Exhaulted Ruler. It is just a waste of time and money to have these stupid elections and pay all these people who just are rubber stamps for anything Jaindl wants.
D. Wag February 06, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Isn't it about time that Jaindl starts to put something BACK into the community..instead of taking everything OUT of the community?? These clowns don't want to be a part of the Lehigh Valley...THEY WANT TO OWN IT!!! It seems that Mr. Ashmar is the only one that understands the impact of all this additional truck traffic on Rt 100!! This is total CRAP!! !! !!
Ocean Spray Employee February 22, 2012 at 04:32 PM
My husband is one of those men losing his job in Bordentown and trust me now of our families are happy. Most of us don't want to pick up our lives to move to PA. We are disgusted with Ocean Spray who obviously doesn't care about there employees just PROFITS!!!!


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