Green Hills Park Transfer Still in Limbo

Upper Macungie Supervisors will again take up the prickly matter of Green Hills Park at its April meeting, in hopes of a final resolution.

The Kay Brook Green Hills Community Association and Upper Macungie Township Supervisors did not come to a resolution concerning the transfer of Green Hills Park during Monday night's agenda meeting.

The association dissolved as of Jan. 1, and ownership of the park on Russett Road is now in the legal process of being transferred from the association to the township. 

Solicitor Andrew Shantz explained that he'd received legal documents stating once the community association dissolved, ownership of the park would revert to the township.

However, Sally Scott, a Kay Brook Green Hills board member, said the Zator Law Firm is being retained for the official handover to Upper Macungie Township.

"This is a never-ending story," said supervisor chairman Edward Earley. "Please have [your law firm] keep us informed, and we'll try to make some decisions. We all want closure to this and at our April meeting, we'll resolve it once and for all."

A separate entity pool association is making the transfer a difficult one for the association and the township, which already has taken over cutting the park's grass.

Supervisors and members of the public say that parked cars in the park's grassy areas during peak times of the last pool season made for hazardous conditions in the surrounding area.

Supervisor Sam Ashmar said there should be no parking on the grass and that the Upper Macungie Police should write parking tickets if it occurs again.

"They'll get the message really quick," he said.

All sides agree that the pool association wants nothing to do with the upkeep of the park.

"What concerns me is that land for the use of the Green Hiils community was driven at some point by the pool association, and it grew so dramatically that [membership] ballooned away from Upper Macungie residents," Ashmar said.

Other concerns about the park include who currently has liability should there be an injury on park property and outdated playground equipment.

Public Works Director Scott Faust said he would go to the park and inspect the equipment to determine if it is still suitable for use.

Parkland Parent March 08, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Sure, let's take on another park, we have the cash for it. That pool association has TONS of money and a VERY long waiting list for entry. How about we use some of that money to fix it up prior to turning it over to UMT?


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