New Warehouse off Schantz Road Gets Approved

The Upper Macungie Planning Commission approves plans for a new 375,000 square-foot warehouse that will be built without a tenant to occupy it.


approved designs for a 375,000 square-foot warehouse off  Schantz Road Wednesday that will be built without a tenant to occupy it.

Majestic Realty Co., based in California, will build the structure at Schantz Road and Boulder Drive as a distribution center.

“We don’t have a business to occupy it at this time,” said Eric Scheler, a project manager for Majestic. “It is designed to accommodate two businesses, but we prefer that one tenant occupy the entire building.”

Majestic first submitted plans for this project in 2006 and had gotten approval then. Dean Haas, ’s engineer from Keystone Consulting, said the project was delayed probably because of the economic downturn.

But Majestic now plans to get the building up this year with revised plans. Majestic shaved about 50,000 square-feet off the size of the building from the original, solved some traffic pattern issues and added a lounge for truckers with “minor modifications” to the gatehouse entrance on Boulder Drive.

The current and previous plans also spared an old tree first believed to be an oak, but Haas said it is an ash tree. Recently, however, the Emerald ash borer, which can kill ash trees, has been found infecting trees in Bucks County.

So there’s a chance, Haas said, that the tree’s day are numbered anyway.

Just Sick and Tired March 22, 2012 at 07:20 PM
What the heck....why not, Upper Macungie approves everything!!! No tenant, no problem! No traffic study, no problem! Next to a grammar school, no problem. Have employees that are registered sex offenders, no problem. No traffic studies needed, Upper Macungie, the township owned by developers for developers. Upper Macungie, where the citizen comes last!
Parkland Parent March 23, 2012 at 02:46 AM
So well said, approve everything, rubber stamp everything. We are being inundated with warehouses and trucks in Upper Macungie. Seriously folks...do you really think people would object to a tax increase to stop all this building? Tell Jaindl to hit the road and stop talking about parks as an excuse for this. ENOUGH!


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