Lehigh Valley Tea Party Will Fight After Obama's Win

President of Lehigh Valley Tea Party says organization will still tackle issues despite presidential election outcome.

The presidential election is over and despite the outcome, the president of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party said her organization will "keep on keeping on."

For the past two Saturdays, Tea Party members were out rallying the troops in Allentown and Bethlehem to get people out to vote.

Barb Walters, the chairwoman of the 800-member Lehigh Valley Tea Party, said she was disappointed by the turnout at the polls, despite criticism and concerns that the country wasn't improving in the past four years under President Barack Obama's tenure.

"I was surprised at the numbers. They were down for the country," she said. "It was really shocking, coming from both sides."

The Tea Party movement gained national recognition during the 2010 midterms in terms of advocating the principles of the U.S. Constitution and calling for a reduction in government spending and taxes.

Polls show that most Tea Party members tend to be Republicans.

But the Tea Party is not a political party. And, Walters said, the Lehigh Valley Tea Party does not endorse candidates.

"We are non-partisan. We don't endorse candidates," Walters said. "Our position hasn't changed. We're still issue-oriented in wanting to limit the government and have more fiscal responsibility and individual rights."

Walters said issues will still be brought before the group.

"The Tea Party has gone from being out there to working behind the scenes," Walters said.

Walters said she believes the party will be more active when elections are more local, when school board and municipal seats are on the line.

"That's what we're going to stick with," she said. "We like having educated voters who don't go by their feelings, but are armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions."

For now, though, Walters worries about the country's future.

"It's a very interesting time. Interesting, but scary," she said. "We're going to be working to make sure we all don't go over the cliff."

for real November 11, 2012 at 02:35 PM
So Wayne you and you tea party obvously believe that districts overspend and therefore of course local taxpayers should endorse your ideas and candidates for school board so that they can teach these out of control spenders a lesson. Where are you and your tea party on the for profit charter school racket? Here is a school board member actually trying to address this problem http://dianeravitch.net/2012/11/10/a-local-school-board-member-in-pennsylvania-is-a-hero-of-public-education/ Have you and the low spending army demanded that the state legislature implement the recomendations of the Auditor General? http://www.paessp.org/publications/press-releases/41-news-and-announcements/380-auditor-general-wagner-calls-for-charter-school-reform.html Any lobbying by you guys to reduce unfunded mandates from Harrisburg? Maybe when I see some actual analysis of the problem from your side other than the usual we blame school boards and teachers, I will gain some respect for you and even consider attending a meeting.
jackson black November 11, 2012 at 04:27 PM
@wayne schissler,I respect what the tea party stands for and your talking points are valid..The truth is america wants free, obama got re elected based on free healthcare,entitlements,pandering to unions etc...The party is over...the Free Party has won...
jackson black November 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM
We have become Greece
Wayne Schissler November 11, 2012 at 06:25 PM
for real said, "Any lobbying by you guys to reduce unfunded mandates from Harrisburg?" Eh... I was on a "Goals 2000" reform committee in our district way-back-when so I've seen some of this first hand. And in the past year, during the school board comment section I encouraged the board members to lobby and write to their representatives. They seemed agreeable, but did they? I don't know. Too much of this "rolls downhill" like the Goals 2000 mandate did. Feds dangle money with conditions, states jump through the hoops and then expect the districts to comply. And I think you're familiar with how the Harrisburg legislature/teacher pension debacle works - You need a true leader to push thru the legislation and constitutional amendment to rectify it. You need a leader to push through a defined contribution plan for new hires, the most sensible and the most minimal thing that should be done. The guy I voted for in the gubernatorial primary would have done this - the moderate we have doesn't have the spine. I know you don't like Corbett, neither do I - but then what is the solution, a more moderate spineless politician? And if citizens band together and demand better they're told to "go back to their caves"???
Wayne Schissler November 11, 2012 at 06:26 PM
continued... I know we did have a delegation of sorts that met with Harrisburg "leaders". Whether all the specifics you mention were brought up I do not know (I would be very surprised if they weren't) - they came back with pretty much the attitude that I've been displaying here, note I put "leaders" in quotes. Basically, Pennsylvania is not Wisconsin: http://lvtp.org/taxesspendingdebt-articles/497-pennsylvania-is-not-wisconsin.html As for the charter schools... Sure, cut the waste. But is the goal of the group you site to help all children, no matter what school they attend, is or to ensure the future of government school unions? Are they simply against charter schools? I could go on for quite a bit about schooling but the day is too short and the weather too nice to spend it in front of the 'puter.


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