Jaindl's Plan to Rezone Land has a new Twist

Jaindl Land Company seeks to rezone two parcel along Route 100 and subdivide one of them.

The Jaindl Land Company withdrew from the agenda Wednesday night, but representatives showed up anyway to explain why.

Jaindl told the commissioners that there is a new twist to his plans for two land parcels along Route 100 – to subdivide one of them.

last month to request the rezoning of the two properties: The first parcel, 60 acres, at the southwest corner of Schantz Road and Rt. 100, is currently zoned Highway Commercial, and Jaindl wants it rezoned to Light Industrial.

The second parcel, 39 acres, at the southwest intersection of Industrial Boulevard and Rt. 100 is zoned Light Industrial, and the company wants it rezoned to Highway Commercial.

The purpose of the swap, according to township documents, is to permit the sale of the Schantz Road property to a prospective buyer, Ocean Spray, that needs Light Industrial zoning to manufacture food products.

Since last month, however, the plans changed.

Jaindl and J. Scott Pidcock of The Pidcock Company, the engineers representing Jaindl, said they now want to subdivide the 60-acre parcel into 44 acres for Light Industrial development with the remaining 16 acres left for future use, possibly by other businesses.

Jaindl said he withdrew his scheduled presentation because his client would like an option on the remaining 16 acres of the new subdivision for development. But since he hadn't received a definitive answer, he thought best to remove the item from the agenda.

A big concern commission members had is the traffic impact on an already busy Schantz/Rte. 100 intersection.

"Forget the traffic studies," Jaindl said. "The township would be better off."

He said the zoning swap would put the commercial development south of Schantz Road and that the light industrial user would generate less traffic than a commercial retailer.

"It's a zoning swap. No matter how you slice it; it will reduce the traffic impact," Jaindl said.

But this was all new to the planners, and they asked Jaindl to return with more complete plans.

"We were envisioning a large user of 60 acres for light industrial as opposed to 44 acres and 16 acres," Township Attorney William E. Schantz said.

"The rezoning isn't passed, and now they're coming in with a subdivision," he said.

Jaindl said he expects to have new plans ready for .

Brunell October 20, 2011 at 03:23 PM
These issues should be a reminder that the position that was once held by Bruce needs to be filled with someone with the appropriate skills and background to handle these issues and interface between the community, the township Engineer, the township Solicitor, and the Township supervisors. This township is not "built out". Perhaps this is a position that can be combined with a Township Managers position. This was discussed several months ago, but mysteriously was dropped. If you live in the township, please attend the next township supervisors meeting being held November 3rd. If we do not voice our opinions, we will get what we deserve. If we are not willing to get involved, we have no one to blame but ourselves.


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