Community Center Construction Nearly Complete

Upper Macungie's Independent Park gets a makeover with improvements to the nine-hole golf course and renovations for a Community Center.


It was once a raised ranch. Now, the house next to the Parks Department's maintenance garage at is Upper Macungie's Community Center.

Surrounded by a 9-hole golf course on 25-acres with picturesque views of the Lehigh Valley, this house looks like the golf club you would find on a swank private golf course, says Jim Soltis, the Township's parks team leader.

Inside, there's high ceilings, remodeled bathrooms and a community room offering window views of the golf course and allowing for accommodations of 100 people.

Rader anticipates groups like the Boy Scouts will uae the smaller room for meetings. TV screens will be installed too, allowing businesses to use it for presentations.

The top floor houses a kitchen, in which people will be allowed to bring crock pots and food to heat up for refrigerate.

Other than carpeting, the top floor is nearly finished, Supervisor Kathy Rader said. The lower level is still under construction. Work on expanding the parking lot is going on as well. But Rader believes the community center will be open for business maybe by Memorial Day weekend or sometime in early June.

"This place is suitable for small wedding receptions or family parties," Rader said.

The golf course should also be a draw.

The center will provide golfing equipment at no cost for residents who want to play the short course or take their children to teach them how to play the game.

"Retired people, pardon the pun, can putter around here," Rader said. "This course is designed for teaching children the elements of golf."

The best feature about the course?

Residents can play free of charge.

Elsa March 12, 2012 at 11:31 PM
A raised ranch??? Please it is an 11,000 sq ft home with a stream running through it. How much did you put into it? So there is no real plan for it just a lot of conjuncture Stop spending our money so foolishly


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