Woman, 87, Was Victim of Fraud, Police Say

Upper Macungie police say two women defrauded a third woman this week at township shopping center.

Upper Macungie police say an 87-year-old Allentown woman was defrauded earlier this week by two women claiming to be looking for investors to sell coins.

Police say the woman was at the Redner's Market on Hamilton Boulevard Tuesday when she was approached by two other women.

The women had coins that appeared to be foreign currency in a cardboard envelope. They said they wanted to sell the coins on behalf of an attorney, but needed investors to help the attorney avoid tax penalties.

In exchange for her investment, the woman was told she'd get back $25,000. She withdrew money from her bank account, and handed it over to the other women.

It was not clear how much money she gave the two women. Police said one of the women was in her 50s, with a thin to average build and carrying a large brown purse. The incident began at Redner's, and concluded in front of the Trexlertown Post Office.

Anyone who witnessed two middle-aged women talking to an older woman Tuesday in these locations between noon and 2 p.m. should call police at 484-661-5911.
Tony F January 11, 2014 at 10:18 AM
I am sorry she lost money to these low life scumsuckers, but she is partly to blame. Who falls for this kind of stuff anymore. Years ago it was a white van selling speakers in grocery lots, now coins. Just this year in 12 days, I have 67 million coming from a Nigerian prince and I was also so lucky, I won the UK lottery, TWICE! Come on people, use your head, There is NO free money. At her advanced age, she should know better. You always get the sane thing, it was an older person, I don't get it, don't older people know how to say "go away" I am in my mid 50's, I am worried that in 30 years I will start giving away all my money and letting strangers into my home to ransack it or letting them spray oil on my driveway. No matter how old you are or where you are in life, THERE IS NO FREE MONEY. don't ever forget that and no one will rip you off.


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