Unknown Object Thrown From I-78 Overpass, Police Say

Trailer roof of westbound rig in Weisenberg damaged in December incident, state police say.

State police are investigating the report of a tractor trailer driver who said two people threw an unknown object from an Interstate 78 overpass that put a hole in the trailer roof.

The incident, labeled by state police as "propulsion of missiles onto a roadway," occurred shortly after 11pm Dec. 16, a Monday, on the Weisenberg Township portion of I-78, a state police fax says.

The driver was not hurt.

The object was thrown from the Kecks Road overpass and struck the westbound rig owned by Honey Locust Farms LLC in Adams County. Honey Locust is a trucking company that specializes in refrigerated transportation and hauling livestock.

Harold Bumbaugh, the company's director of safety, told Patch the object hit the front of the trailer then bounced onto the Fiberglass roof, causing a hole as well as $1,640.07 in damage.

He said the object was not found inside the trailer.

The rig was carrying plastic plates, Bumbaugh said. Its trip began in New England and its destination was York, which is about 20 miles east of Honey Locust's headquarters near the Adams County town of East Berlin.

The rig's tractor is a 2013 model while the damaged trailer is a 2006 model, Bumbaugh said.


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