Police: Woman Tries to Steal Televisions from Walmart

Woman tries to make off with televisions, laptops and other merchandise from the Trexlertown Walmart Supercenter, police say.

There seems to be a new leader in the apparent contest to see who can steal the most valuable merchandise from the in Trexlertown.

According to , Morgan Mae Williams, 19, of Easton found a good deal of success June 12 while picking out items of interest at Wal-Mart. Williams selected several televisions, laptop computers and other unspecified items totaling $2,011.71, police said.

However, when she attempted to leave the store about 6:40 p.m. without paying, police said, the shopping spree took a decidedly negative turn. She was arrested without incident for retail theft.

The 1091 Mill Creek Road store has been the site of a few other rather large unsuccessful retail theft attempts, police have said. On May 11, Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 36, of Allentown may have been challenging for the lead. Police said he took two air-conditioners and an air purifier without paying during his visit. They didn't offer a value of the items.

But, it appeared that Richardo Orasmin Cabrera, 24, of Allentown retained his apparent modern-day local record with his alleged attempted thefts of three air-conditioners on May 11. The value was set at $852, police said.

Another theft reported Dec. 20 might be a challenge for the title; however, the circumstances have led to diqualification. On this date, Wal-Mart reported that 30-40 car batteries were taken from an outdoor storage area. No value was given.

The above arrest information was supplied by Pennsylvania State Police at Fogelsville. It does not indicate a conviction.

william clinton June 25, 2012 at 07:02 PM
I stole some condoms from a walmart when I was in junior high school. The loss prevention lady told me the only way I wouldn't go to jail was if I used one with her. That was the day I learned crime can pay.


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