Police Make Teen Pay Unpaid Restaurant Tab

Chris Moore, 18, of Orefield, accused of skipping out on restaurant bill.

When Jason Moore didn't have the money to pay for his meal at Chris' Family Restaurant, he told them he'd be right back.

But Moore didn't return, Upper Macungie police say, until a township officer brought him back to pay his bill.

Police say Moore, 18, of Orefield had been eating at the Tilghman Street restaurant late Friday night. Police say he told the staff he didn't have the money to pay for his meal, and asked to leave so he could come back with his payment.

When an hour had passed, the hostess called the police, who tracked Moore down at his home. He told police he'd planned to come back the next day to pay his bill.

An officer then escorted Moore back to Chris', where he paid his tab, police say.


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