Police: Baby Abducted From Lehigh Valley Hospital, Returned

Allentown Police stopped a vehicle and returned a baby to Lehigh Valley Hospital after receiving a report that a small child had been taken 'against medical advice,' Salisbury police said.

Allentown Police returned a baby to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest neonatal intensive care unit Tuesday after it was apparently abducted earlier in the day, according to a press release from the Salisbury Township Police Department.

Meanwhile, police are looking for a 10-month-old girl who was abducted Oct. 22 from her apartment in King of Prussia and for the killer of her 61-year-old grandmother whose body was found in the apartment.

According to the Salisbury Township Police Department press release:

"The Salisbury Township Police Department was dispatched to the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Cedar Crest facility, in response to a report of a child abduction. The Salisbury Police received a complaint from hospital security reporting that a small child has been taken from the Hospital 'against medical advice,' and that the involved persons were last observed leaving the area in a dark colored [GMC] Denali vehicle. 

"Initial reports indicated that the involved persons may be traveling to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

"The Pennsylvania State Police, Allentown Police, Lehigh County Sheriff’s Department, and Lehigh County Children and Youth were notified. The Allentown Police Department observed the involved vehicle and was able to stop it in the area of 7th and Hamilton streets in the city. The child was returned to the Lehigh Valley Health Network Hospital unharmed and was readmitted to the NICU. The involved persons were interviewed and released a short time later. 

"This incident is under investigation with the office of Lehigh County Children and Youth.

"The Salisbury Township Police Department would like to thank all agencies involved, and would also like to thank Lehigh County Radio for their assistance and quick release of information to area agencies."

Bruce Davis October 25, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Many people going crazy over individual rights here! But if the child had died due to the parents actions the same people would be going "OMG how could those parents do that to their child." Also, remember you can't take people off "life support" with out proper legal authority. Medical doctors have more powers than people know and it didn't just happen yesterday and for many, many good reasons. You don't get to make these decisions over a certified Medical team just by writing an five minute opinion on an article where the child was taken from a "neonatal intensive care unit". There are consequences. People don't like a lot of laws. Just read about a parent who was in an car accident in Hellertown with an unrestrained infant who was suffered a head injury and had marijuana in her car and left the scene of the accident with the child. She didn't like the laws for her child's protection either. I wasn't impressed with her neglect and right to endanger her child. I truly hope that child didn't suffer irreversible brain damage. Unfortunately that parent is now in jail. I'm sure someone will stand up for her too here on this blog.
Auntie October 25, 2012 at 01:36 PM
My problem is with the journalizim... The patch making it seem like a situation, it is not. Parents apparently took the child out of the hospital, for whatever reason... That is NOT an "abduction" that is parents who took "action" whether it was for "good or bad" reasons... I understand that medically it may supercede what the parents wanted to do. Point being that if both parents were involved they did not "abduct the child for malicious reasons" which this articticle tries to portray. Due to the the more recent amber alerts in the tri state area..
Citizen CB October 25, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Wow, blogging hype and sensationalism at its best. Get your shit together commenters, CHOP and Obama have nothing to do with this
Auntie October 25, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Also Bruce... a medical team does have a lot of power, but they can be wrong as well. That is why it's a persons right to get second and third opinions. Unfortunately some LVH doctors seem to think they are god and don't care what the patient or their families concerns are. I can say this from experiences I've had at the cedar crest blvd location, with doctors in one of their intensive care units. I wish I could have taken my family member out of "Cedar Crest LVH Intensive care unit" They might just still be here today!!
StGabes October 25, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Really? You're going to compare a pot smoking parent to this? You're correct people should go crazy when your rights are taken away.. It's been long over due, it's a great thing people are starting to realize and are waking up to this thing called government... They've been bulling us long enough..... NO MORE!!!!! I and a lot of other people are fed up with the BS.... and a lot of laws on the books are there to control us not to protect like a lot of people think. Money - Control - Power is all that matters.... I said it before and I'm gonna say it again, just because you have a PHD DOES NOT mean you know better.... and if the child did in fact die (GOD forbid) that is something the parents have to live with. It should still be their choice!!!! bottom line their child, their choice!!!


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