'Incindiary Device' Found Stuffed Inside a Mailbox

Berks-Lehigh Regional Police find a "device" inside a mailbox on Susquehanna Trail a few days after finding other mailboxes set on fire.

Police officers responded this afternoon to a call about an "incindiary device" stuffed in a mailbox on the 100 block of Susquehanna Trail.

The device, which appeared to be homemade, according to Berks-Lehigh police,  was removed without incident by the fire department. This comes days after police chased down and mailboxes that were similarly set on fire in the same neighborhood.

Police say that although possibly meant as a poorly planned prank, residents should not underestimate the potential danger of these devices.

"If a device like the one in this incident is found at your home, the police ask you to contact them immediately.

Anyone with information about these incidents should call Berks-Lehigh Regional Police at 610-683-8740.


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