Frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving? Here's How to Do It Safely

Follow these safety tips for deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey


Deep frying a turkey may sound like the perfect way to serve a moist and delicious bird on Thanksgiving. But it's important to use that deep fryer safely to prevent a disaster!

Remember: You're working with 350-degree oil. The trick is to keep that oil inside the fryer.

  • DO NOT deep fry a turkey inside your house or on a wooden deck.
  • Make sure the deep fryer is standing on flat, stable ground.
  • DO NOT try to thaw a frozen or partially-frozen turkey in the fryer.
  • Use gloves and safety goggles when using the fryer to protect yourself from oil splatter.
  • DO NOT leave your fryer unattended.
  • Alcohol and cooking oil don't mix. Don't drink and deep fry.
  • DO NOT use the garden hose to extinguish a deep-fryer mishap. Use a portable dry chemical fire extinguisher and call 911.

Click here to read more and for links to deep-fryer safety videos.

Walter November 21, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Ok … the number one rule in the article is: •DO NOT deep fry a turkey inside your house or on a wooden deck. And, of course, the photo shows deep frying on wooden deck. Gotta love it. Call me old fashioned, but, why would you want to turn a wonderful bounty into a fast food deep fried mess?


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