It's Easy With Material Like This

Thursday night's Upper Macungie Supervisors meeting was a perfect example of someone protecting their own interests.

A problem most people face when starting a new blog is figuring out what to write.  When Upper Macungie Patch editor Tom De Martini mentioned the idea of blogging about my election campaign, I knew that wouldn't be a problem, at least not after Supervisor Kathy Rader's performance at Thursday night's Board of Supervisors meeting.

In a news release posted on Patch Thursday morning I urged voters to reject the 'business as usual' politics of the past and to help me send a message in the primary election.  Thursday night Mrs. Rader aptly demonstrated my point.  She placed an item on the agenda which would form a committee to hire a replacement for retiring Community Development Director (CDD) Bruce Wlazelek.  Mrs. Rader, who's daytime job is Assistant Community Development Director for the township, proposed herself as a member of that committee.   There are so many things wrong with this whole idea that we'll need to number them.

1.  Why the rush to hire Mr Wlazelek's replacement?  Mrs. Rader's plan would have the township paying for two CDD's and an Assistant CDD for at least three months at a time when we probably don't even need one.  Which brings us to...

2.  The state of the economy in 2011 is such that UMT might not even need a full-time CDD.  One thing the Supervisors did seem to agree on Thursday night was that Mr. Wlazelek's responsibilities have changed drastically over the last several years and a lot of his duties are being handled by others in the township.  Mrs. Rader even said that one of Mr. Wlazelek's most recent duties had been 'like a township manager', seeking compromize and solutions among the supervisors.  This revelation seemed to come as a complete surprise to many in attendance, including the other supervisors.

3.  Here's where we get to the conflict of interest: Mrs. Rader wants to be on the committee to hire her future boss in Community Development.  This is one of the things Mrs. Rader the Supervisor has gotten very good at, protecting the interests of Mrs. Rader the Assistant Community Development Director.  I'm sure we'd all like to have a job where we get to hire our supervisor, but I'm not sure that's in the best interests of Upper Macungie Township.

Chairman of the Board Ed Earley effectively tabled the discussion on this issue until the May meeting.  It will be interesting to see what Mrs. Rader's next move is.  If she gets her way the new CDD will be very lucky to have Mrs. Rader as both boss and assistant.  As we will see, she's very good at protecting the man in the middle.

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Upper Mac Resident May 09, 2011 at 11:12 PM
Mr. Corcoran - what would have been better than an attack at Mrs. Rader such as this, would have been a counterpoint as to how you would have handled this situation. Are you of the Old Boy network such as Messrs. Ashmar and Early? Certainly seem to be by the attacking nature of your "opinion". I think that Mrs. Rader has showed that she is for the people, voting in opposition to the two men supervisors, when they have handled some other matters. She is a voice of reason among the voices of mishandling of finances from previous supervisors and the naivete of the current male counterparts on the Board.
Joe Corcoran May 10, 2011 at 04:22 AM
I'm confused as to how Mrs. Rader voting in opposition to the other Supervisors makes her 'for the people'? Is it in the best interests 'of the people' for Mrs. Rader to be on a committee to hire her new boss? Is it really in the best interests of Upper Macungie Twp to pay three people to work in the Community Development Department when there might not be enough work for one? As for how I would have handled the situation, I think it's pretty clear from my post. The Supervisors should examine the job descriptions for everyone in the department to determine the need for a new CDD. If a need for the position is determined then a new job description and duties should be prepared and a committee which does not include Mrs. Rader should be formed to find a suitable candidate.
Upper Macungie Concerned Resident May 21, 2011 at 02:56 PM
Mr. Corcoran, I am not a politician, nor am I in the position to be your political advisor, but I'd like to get something off of my chest regarding your campaign. I've been watching your campaign over the last few weeks, and more often than not, I've seen a lot of "Rader-bashing". It's starting to become borderline offensive to Mrs. Rader. I've seen a lot of, 'he said, she said' in your campaign. Now, once again, I'm not trying to be your political advisor, but in my humble and honest opinion as an Upper Macungie resident, I would suggest that you stop pointing fingers at Mrs. Rader's past, and start talking about what you're going to do for the township in your future.
Brunell May 31, 2011 at 05:58 PM
Mr. Corcoran, Most of us in the community are tired of politics. We need people who will not point fingers, state what is wrong with the opposition, or just plain bash people to their liking. I was at that meeting you spoke of in your commentary. I thought that Mrs. Rader was asking for a debate on what would be the right approach to fill the job duties that have been handled by the previous employee. I do not agree with giving the building inspector the job of working with the property owners and developers. That is a clear conflict of interest! Do not be so quick to judge. What are the list of duties that Bruce did while in employment over the last few decades? Perhaps we should interview him, and take an "engineered" approach to solving the issues that will undoubtably arise when an employee in good standing for so many years retires. Lets hear what you will do for the community. I was there when Mrs Rader asked for review of the budget. Where did that go? What happened to that idea? I agree, we need to spend less. Fire trucks are $800,000 plus each. Our budget can not afford another one of those purchases! We spend over 1 MILLION dollars for up keep on the parks every year. I am for recreation and the area to recreate, but how much can we afford? How about blogging on what you intend to do to keep taxes form increasing, insuring safety in the community, and dealing with our ever changing needs in the community.


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