Bites Nearby: Panda & Fish

Whether you’re looking for sushi or your favorite greasy Chinese food, the Fogelsville eatery has it.

I can safely say that, every week, I have at least one craving for Chinese food. I don’t know what it is about those little white take-out boxes that makes me keep coming back again and again, but for some reason, no meal will ever satisfy me like an order of General Tso’s or Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Fortunately, the Lehigh Valley has plenty of Chinese food restaurants to satisfy my craving, and, up until last weekend, I thought I had tried almost all of them. But one local joint that I had overlooked was , a Chinese restaurant located on Main Street in Fogelsville. So, in the name of research, I went to check it out and see how it measured up to my usual Chinese staples.

The Dishes: Hanada Roll, Chicken with Curry Sauce, Pork Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetables with Chicken.

How’s it Taste? As a fan of the spicier things in life, I really enjoyed the Chicken with Curry Sauce. The dish served up four pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce, seasoned with cumin, curry and chili powder. Obviously, it’s not one of those ‘only-sort-of-spicy’ dishes, so I wouldn’t recommend it to any readers with sensitive taste buds, but if you don’t mind a little steam coming out of your ears, give it a try. The chicken is served with your option of ham or pork fried rice, which serves as a pretty mild alternate to the taste of the chicken.

My dinner buddy decided to err on the side of healthy, so she opted for the Mixed Vegetables with Chicken, which paired diced chicken with veggies like celery, peppers and onions. If you’re looking for savory but not spice, this is definitely the dish for you. The veggies and chicken are coated lightly in a sesame sauce, so it spices up what might have been an otherwise pretty bland dish. Panda Fish also has extensive sushi offerings, but one thing I just can’t stomach is raw fish, but luckily my dining partner in crime can, so she ordered some with the promise of giving me an honest review. The Hanada Roll, which was tuna and avocado topped with salmon, got a rave review and the waitress let us know that, for non-sushi lovers like myself, it was one roll that didn’t pack too much of a fishy taste.

Eat this Because: Whether you’re looking for sushi or your favorite greasy Chinese food, Panda Fish has it. Their menu is so extensive; you’ll need to come back a few times just to cover all your bases.

Tab: $21.00

Etc: The restaurant also has healthy menu options, including Steamed Chicken with Broccoli and Steamed Beef or Shrimp.

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