Bites Nearby: Cracker Barrel

Something new and something tried and true.

Comfort food is something everyone is familiar with, and when venturing out for mine, I usually look for the same two or three different meals and decide between them.

But, on a recent trip to Cracker Barrel in Fogelsville, the franchise touted its new Texas Beef Brisket barbecue dinner. Now, being a BBQ fan and Food Network groupie, I figured it was time to step out of the box and give it a try and also give the Cracker Barrel's comfort food the once over.

The Dishes: The Texas beef brisket and the roast beef dinner.

What's On The Plate: Sliced beef brisket, Texas toast, french fries and baked beans. Slices of roast beef with carrots and mashed potatoes. Cornbread and biscuits were served on the side.

How's It Taste: The brisket appeared and tasted somewhat plain upon arrival until I utilized the barbecue sauce, which changed the entire complexion and taste of the meal. The sauce was tangy and had a nice kick. Eating the brisket over the Texas toast also changed the texture of the meal for the better. The pork and beans were excellent and the fries were of the garden variety.

My dining companion's roast beef dinner was cooked well enough and the meat was tender, although too much pepper was used. My dining companion raved about her side dishes, especially the sweet carrots.

Eat This Because: It's tried and true comfort food that is served relatively quickly with little waiting time after ordering.

The Tab: $22.50

Etc.: Cracker Barrel serves breakfast all day and allows one to browse through its country store items either after dinner or while waiting for a table. Or you can just pass the time by sitting on one of the comfortable outdoor rocking chairs.


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