Skeletons at Schnecksville Auction Fetch $1,850

Authentic skeletons of a man and woman from a Manhattan morticians museum went to the highest bidder Tuesday at Tom Hall Auctions.


Skeletons of an unknown man and woman that Tuesday at Tom Hall Auctions were sold to the highest bidder for $1,850.

The 66-inch male dressed in a tuxedo and in a black casket sold for $900, according to a report on wfmz.com, and the 66-inch female skeleton in a wood casket sold for $950.

Bill Wood, owner of Old Mill Antiques in Strasburg, Lancaster County purchased both, and planned to eventually re-sell them, according to a Morning Call report.

The skeletons came from a morticians museum in Manhattan, according to the auction house website. 

It is legal to possess and sell human bones in the United States.

The sale had captured local media attention.

Catherine Keys, co-owner of the auction house, had told The Express Times that she expected the skeletons would go for a couple of thousand dollars each. 


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