Sharp Corporation Looks to Expand in Upper Macungie

Sharp's proposed expansion in Upper Macungie could add 10 to 12 more jobs, according to a Morning Call report.


Pharmaceutical packaging company Sharp Corp. wants to expand its operations in Upper Macungie.

Sharp, at 7451 Keebler Way, plans to add floor space to build more "clean rooms" -- sterile and climate-controlled -- as well as remodel an adjacent 25,000-square-foot building on Keebler Way for production, according to a report in The Morning Call. It would add 10 to 12 employees to its roll of 250 to 300 employees, the report said.

A decade ago, Sharp had converted a former Keebler warehouse into "clean rooms" to package medicines such as Comtrex, Sudafed and Nicorette.

According to its website, Sharp’s facility in Upper Macungie, which opened in 2004, is 180,000 square feet with 30 suites and an automated warehouse. It recently added biotech and clinical packaging suites and cold storage capability.


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