Original Barbie Doll Worth Thousands

Woman’s childhood Barbie doll was the find of the night at antiques appraisal in Emmaus.

Name:  Joanne Henshaw

Where do you live?  Boyertown


What did you bring for appraisal? “I brought what I believe is an original Barbie doll from the 1950s.”

Tell me about this item and why it is special to you:  “I received the doll as a child. I didn’t play with it very much and still have all the dresses and hats for it. I’m anxious to see what it’s worth. When I got her out of storage, she had a dress on and I decided to put the swimsuit on her that she came with. I actually sat and played with her for awhile like when I was little!”

What were the auctioneer’s comments? “This is an exceptional piece. It’s in the original box from 1959, which is in excellent shape.  All the pieces appear to be with it, the doll has no marks on it and the ponytail has not been taken out. This is a rare piece in perfect condition and appears to be a number one. A little more investigating still needs to be done, but it is perfect for auction and is definitely a collector’s item.”

What was his appraisal of your item?  “This is worth a minimum of $2,000, but is probably worth more like $4,000-$5,000, depending on what a more detailed look will find.”

How do you feel about that? “It’s a lot more than I thought. The auctioneer said he can put me in touch with someone to take a better look at it. I am thrilled with the amount it’s worth. I was so excited about what they said and glad I took care of her all these years.”

Do you have any plans for your item? “I’m thinking of selling her. I really have no use for it and won’t let anyone play with her anyway, especially now.  So, I’ll give it some thought, but will probably sell it.”



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