Please! No More Rain, Say Grapes at Local Vineyards

Breinigsville winery owners are hoping for an end to recent rains as spring ends and summer approaches.

We heard it on the grape vine: Good weather is the key to good grapes, which in turn, make for good wine.

The recent spell of rainy weather, combined with Thursday's additional rain and severe weather, has local vineyard owners keeping an eye to the sky and their fingers crossed.

Jon Landis of Vynecrest Winery in Breinigsville said now is a critical time for the growing grapes.

Landis said mildew from heavy rains and hail are the most damaging events that can happen to a vineyard.

"The hail can rip up the tender plants," Landis said. "Pinnacle Ridge [in Krumsville, Berks County] had that happen to them in a storm. Mildew can form from too much rain and that's also a problem."

Landis said he plans to have his staff spray the vineyard to guard against mildew after this most recent bout of wet weather ends.

Carrie Skrip, of Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery in Breinigsville, pretty much agreed with Landis' assessment of the weather situation.

"When we hit this season, with the plants blooming, we want to see an even stretch of weather with nice, sunny days," Skrip said.

Skrip added that her staff recently sprayed for mold and mildew and may do so again next week.

"We want some nice, even weather, because bad weather can affect the grape and the quality of the product," she said.


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