China-Based Company Opens Lehigh Valley Manufacturing Facility

Fuling Plastics will bring 75 full-time jobs to the area, the Lieutenant Governor's Office said.

Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley helps Fuling Plastics open its first U.S. manufacturing facility. (Photo courtesy of the Lieutenant Governor's Office)
Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley helps Fuling Plastics open its first U.S. manufacturing facility. (Photo courtesy of the Lieutenant Governor's Office)
A China-based plastics company has signed a lease on an 88,000-square-foot facility in the Lehigh Valley to open its first U.S. manufacturing facility.

Fuling Plastics USA, a division of Taizhou Fuling Plastics Co. Ltd., will produce plastic tableware and kitchenware in Upper Macungie, the Lieutenant Governor's Office said Thursday. Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley was in the Lehigh Valley to announce the coming facility.

"More and more companies are realizing that when you make it in PA, your business will flourish," Cawley said. "Today we celebrate Taizhou Fuling Plastic choosing Pennsylvania as the home of its first manufacturing site in the United States.” 

Fuling has committed to creating 75 full-time jobs at the Upper Macungie facility within three years.

“We are very excited to bring our manufacturing to the United States, and especially to Pennsylvania,” said Guilan Jiang, president of Fuling. “This is a great area, and we have been received very well by the state officials.” 

Fuling was the recipient of a $33,750 Guaranteed Free Training grant, a $150,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant that facilitates investment and job creation, and $150,000 in job creation tax credits.

Fuling plans to invest more than $21 million in leasehold improvements, new machinery and equipment, the Lieutenant Governor's Office said. 

“The fact that a Chinese company has decided to establish its U.S. manufacturing operations here on American soil is outstanding news for Lehigh Valley,” said Don Cunningham, president and CEO of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. “Fuling Plastics USA is not only making a $21 million investment in our region but is also expected to create 75 new full- time manufacturing sector jobs that will continue to grow our region’s economy.” 

Reading and Writing May 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Please make certain to monitor their emissions carefully as I hope the county does for all the industrial businesses in the area.
Ala58 May 30, 2014 at 12:39 PM
More corporate welfare. My guess they already have plenty of startup money. The article does not state where this facility will be located specifically... All I see is more cost to taxpayer fixing more roads from more tractor trailers. A real big success economically Terrible writing... Pensylvania=FREE CORPORATE WELFARE


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