Bites Nearby: Windsor Deli

This local eatery offers deli staples and expands on some of the classics.

It seems to me that Wegman's and Subway have become everyone's favorite hoagie spots. But while that might be convenient, there are a couple of local hoagie spots that shouldn't be overlooked. One of them, which I visited this week for the first time, is in Allentown.

The deli wasn't too crowded on Tuesday when I visited, which was a good thing. It meant that my inability to decided which sandwich to choose wasn't holding up the regulars. Eventually, I settled on the Petite Turkey Club Pita, which offers turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce tomato and (hold it please) mayonnaise wrapped in a delicious piece of pita bread.

Obviously, a recipe like this is a deli favorite--it's nothing new, but I found that the pita bread, which was thick and fresh, added way more to the taste than a usual hoagie roll does. I ordered a side of pasta salad to accompany my petite pita, and, although it wasn't the best side dish I've had, it was a nice complement to my meal.

For this Bites visit, I brought along my dad, who was hesitant, as he usually associates the word 'deli' with a wimpy meal. He prefers hearty helpings and a cold brew every now and then, so he winced at the idea of having to enjoy a club sandwich instead of a burger for lunch. Luckily, Windsor keeps people like him in mind with their extensive menu.

Instead of a wrap, salad, or sandwich, Dad ordered a Mushroom Steak Panini, which piles chipped steak, American cheese, onions, Parmesan dressing and mushrooms on a grilled panini roll. I think it pained him to admit it, but he was more than satisfied with his meal and I forced him to eat his words. Still, that was all I had to force him to eat.

kelly November 13, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Love the chicken salad.


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