Bites Nearby: Vince's Cheesesteaks

This local eatery serves up hearty favorites.

I enjoy eating Thanksgiving leftovers maybe a little bit more than I do Thanksgiving dinner itself. I look forward to turkey sandwiches and mashed potatoes for lunch instead of my usual cold cuts, but now, a week later, I find myself getting a little tired of leftovers. So, for this week's Bites, I decided to seek out the exact opposite of Thanksgiving dinner and found myself at , in the Wal-Mart shopping center on Mill Creek Road in Allentown. This local eatery serves up hearty favorites like calzones, pizza, hoagies, sandwiches, wings and, of course, cheesesteaks.

I anticipated a big meal, so I ate lightly during the rest of the day so I'd be able to finish whatever dish I decided to get from their extensive menu. I'm glad I did. These sandwiches are meant for a serious appetite. I opted for the Buffalo Bleu Chicken Cheesesteak, topped with chicken, hot sauce, pickles, blue cheese, hot peppers and fried onions. I customized that a little bit (hold the pickles and fried onions, please!) but I was still happy with my choice. I'm a fan of spicier dishes, so if you're not used to a little kick then I'd refrain from choosing this one. The cheesesteak was also served on an Amoroso roll, which, as any true cheesesteak fan knows, is the only way to serve them.

My friend chose the Meatball Parmesan, with four meatballs served on a 12-inch roll and covered in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. She said it was delicious, and that the marinara sauce had a uniquely sweet aftertaste that set it apart from the other sandwiches she's tried. We also ordered a 5-piece order of Honey Barbecue wings, which didn't disappoint. We've all come across those wings that have so little meat on them it's hard to call them wings at all, but at Vince's, that wasn't an issue.

I'd definitely recommend Vince's. If you're out shopping and too tired to cook, they offer dine-in and take out, so stop by and try it for yourself.


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