Bites Nearby: Picasso Pizza

Picasso delivers on classic Italian dishes, but its entrees leave little to be desired.

Last week I was looking to catch up with a friend over lunch. We only had about an hour, and she's a huge fan of anything Italian, so we decided to try out Picasso Pizza in Trexlertown.

Picasso's has an extensive menu, ranging from pizza and pastas to chicken dishes and entrees. In order to get a sample of everything on a tight schedule, we opted for some Italian classics, including tortellini, garlic bread and stromboli.

Our garlic bread was lackluster. I don't know if I've just become accustomed to over-buttered or greasy garlic bread, but something about our serving didn't wow me. There was very little seasoning, and, if it wasn't for a side of marinara sauce, I'm not sure it would have had any more flavor than a few pieces of traditional Italian bread.

I was also a little underwhelmed by the cheese tortellini with red sauce. The pasta itself wasn't bad, and it was certainly a hearty serving, but the sauce was overpowering and made the whole dish just unappealing.

Luckily, our meal had a few high points. My pepperoni pizza went a little overboard on the oil, but overall, I thought it was delicious and it's clear that pizza is Picasso's strong point. The restaurant offers plenty of other delicious flavors, too, like taco and buffalo chicken.

My friend enjoyed her Italian Stromboli, as well, and was appreciative of how big a serving it was. It took a little bit longer to make, but knowing that it was made fresh and delivered warm made it worth the wait.

We both left lunch feeling full, but Picasso was missing that wow factor. Their classic Italian dishes were a hit, but we found that, when it came to full-on entrees, the restaurant didn't deliver the same kind of delicious dishes.


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