Bites Nearby: Joe's Pizza III

This local Italian restaurant offers a variety of choices, including gluten-free.

For this week's 'Bites,' I visited Joe's Pizza in Fogelsville. Most pizza joints are pretty basic; they offer your pizzas, strombolis, pastas, cheesesteaks, etc. Joe's offers all that and more. Poking around their website last weekend, I found that, besides offering traditional Italian fare, they have gluten-free menu options, the "colossal" 28-inch pizza pie and DIY pizza kits, which are available for purchase and can be made at home.

The toughest part of visiting Joe's is deciding what to order; when they say they have a variety, they mean it. Ham and pineapple, buffalo chicken, cheeseburger french fry and chicken bacon ranch are just a handful of the crazier pizza pies they have.

I opted to stay on the safe side, and ordered two slices of Sicilian pizza, one pepperoni and one called Grandma's Own, which was topped with sauce and cheese, similar to tomato pie. I'm usually not a fan of Sicilian, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed my meal. I also ordered a side of garlic knots, which were good but on the smaller side. If you're in a larger group, be sure to order multiple servings. And, if you're a fan of pepperoni, check out Joe's 'peppy knots,' pepperoni wrapped in a garlic knot. Yum.

My friend ordered a small stromboli, which we had to wait quite awhile for, but it was later in the evening, and luckily we had some delicious buffalo wings to snack on in the meantime. When one of the staff brought her stromboli out, it was clear what had taken so much time.

Her small stromboli looked big enough to feed three people. She assures me that it was worth the wait and was, I quote, "the best stromboli I've ever had" but if you're going to order one, make sure to keep the size in mind. It's a lot to conquer for one person.

I've visited plenty of pizza places in my 'Bites' travels, but Joe's surely ranks in the top three for me. The staff was friendly and patient, and the food delicious.

What do you think of Joe's?


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