Bites Nearby: Giovanni's Pizza

This local pizza restaurant provides an authentic, family-friendly experience.

Despite living in the Lehigh Valley for most of my life, there are plenty of local eateries I've never heard of. Luckily, my shopping has taken me to all ends of the Valley and, thanks to a couple of drive-bys, some places have caught my eye. This weekend, after a Saturday full of spending, I visited in Fogelsville to sample their extensive menu of authentic dishes.

Giovanni's has an extensive sandwich menu, including Veal Patty, Barbecue Beef and Cheesy Beef, which my brother opted for. I'm not usually one for anything beefy or cheesy, so I left the review up to him. It was a hearty helping, and Giovanni's definitely pleases all the cheese lovers out there, as the beef is covered in gooey, melted cheese, which also serves as a delicious dipping sauce for the side of fries that comes with each sandwich.

Nutrition gurus won't be proud of what I ordered for my meal, because instead of ordering pizza or spaghetti, I went straight for dessert. Nothing says well-balanced meal like cannolis and tiramisu, both of which Giovanni's bakes and serves fresh. For me, there's nothing more delicious than the sweet filling of an authentic Italian cannoli, and Giovanni's recipe didn't disappoint. Even if you decide to go for dinner, don't leave without dessert.


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