Bites Nearby: Asian Bistros

Remember that old adage, don't judge a book by its cover

Chinese restaurants are typically hard to judge. You have to know someone that has eaten at a particular spot and can recommend it. There are so many there’s no way of knowing what the food is like unless someone else has taken the plunge.

It’s like trying to find the best pizza place, one with both a crust and sauce you like.

I had driven by Asian Bistros on Hamilton Blvd. by Air Products countless times, and even though I love Chinese, I just didn’t stop because, well, the building didn’t look appealing. They’re in an old converted quick stop place and it just doesn’t have any eye appeal.

But then a co-worker had take-out that had been delivered one day for lunch. It was from Asian Bistros. She raved about their selections and quality.

So true to form, the next weekend I stopped in at Asian Bistros for some take-out. The menu wasn’t just Chinese – they offer Japanese, Thai and Indian, too.  They really have an extensive menu, which  features Hibachi Grill chicken, beef and shrimp.

THE DISHES: The Dinner Combo of Shrimp with Lobster sauce caught my eye so I ordered that – and I wasn’t disappointed.

WHAT’S ON THE PLATE: My order came with a mixed vegetable egg roll, fried rice, shrimp with lobster sauce, and two fortune cookies.

HOW’S IT TASTE: The lobster sauce was exquisite. It was mildly sweet and actually tasted like lobster. The fried rice was great, as was the large quantity of steamed shrimp. The shrimp and the fried rice were super with the sauce on them. The extra large egg roll was packed with vegetables, crisp on the outside, and not greasy at all.

EAT THIS BECAUSE: It’s so yummy, I’ve become a regular. The food is fresh and the quantities are large. It’s all healthy food - very good for you. And their prices are more than reasonable

THE TAB: $9.01

ETC:  When I go to the Asian Bistros I always stop in and get take-out. The Dinner Combo portions are enough for two, if not three, meals. I’ve had the Shrimp with Broccoli dinner combo and the broccoli was tender crisp, very nicely done, with large quantities of both broccoli and shrimp. The Orange Beef is hot and spicy, so beware. The wait is never more than 10 minutes. Don’t let the lack of curb appeal fool you. They do have a dining room, but I have never seen anyone use it.

carl July 21, 2011 at 11:15 AM
You should have someone take you to Flatbush. There is nearly a ten block square of all authentic Asian food. Once you have eaten there, you will never do another Amercianized Asian food restaurant


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