Psychic Gives Chills at Parkland Community Library Fund Raiser

Psychic Medium Lauri Moore talks to dead friends and family of people in the audience.


The air was thick and the sun was setting as a group of about 100 people waited in the Lone Lane Park Pavilion for a chance to ask their deceased loved ones a question.

The event raised money for Parkland Community Library.

Psychic Medium Lauri Moore said she has seen dead people since she was 4-years-old. Since there were so many people gathered on Thursday night, Moore said she couldn't stop to see all the dead people waiting; she could only listen to them. She said she put them on a sort of "mental speed dial."

Those who were lucky enough to have their number drawn from a basket got to ask a question. One woman asked how her mother was and Moore told her she was fine and that she thanked her for all the help near the end of her life.

Another woman asked if her finances would improve and she shook her head in agreement when Moore told her there was a leak in her checkbook caused by her daughter.

It was easy to see the relief for those who were told their loved ones watch over them and hard to watch as some were obviously overcome by emotion. Throughout it all, Moore remained an upbeat guide.

Tickets for the event were $12 and proceeds benefit the Parkland Community Library. Moore, a Lehigh Valley resident for the past 21 years, has been featured on "The Haunted," which airs on the Animal Planet channel. She is also a frequent guest on the Hawk Morning Show and the author of "Dead Letters," a featured column in Paranormal Addiction Magazine.

In addition, Moore is a paranormal investigator and host of a weekly radio show, "Moonlight Messages."

Library executive director Debbie Jack said Moore is truly gifted.

"She really has a talent...she leaves people with goosebumps," Jack said.

Parkland Community Library is planning to build a new library in Upper Macungie and has been raising money for the new building.


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