900 Turkeys Fill This Lehigh Valley Home

Nancy and Willard Miller have been amassing all sorts of turkey collectibles for nearly three decades.

Nancy and Willard Miller of Zionsville near Emmaus in Lehigh County aren't sure, but they think they could hold the world record for owning the most turkey collectibles.

They have more than 900.

After Willard was successfully treated for lung cancer in 1984, his doctor told him to get out and exercise. The Millers decided to walk around flea markets.

"He's my big turkey," Nancy joked.

So, during their flea marketing, Nancy decided to start picking up turkeys – stuffed, ceramic, glass, knitted, wooden and metal. They have turkey magnets, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, jewelry, bags, statues and flags.

Naturally, family and friends soon caught on to the trend and increased their collection by giving turkey gifts for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

For the Millers' 50th wedding anniversary, a family member made a framed plaque with their faces fixed on handmade turkeys, complete with googly eyes. Their daughter gave them a handmade glass figurine of a male and female turkey.

Dusting is a regular chore. Willard said they set up a card table in the living room and take them down shelf by shelf to clean them.

Now that Willard is on oxygen, the Millers don't go out as much, so they haven't had the opportunity to add many more turkeys to their collection recently. They're also beginning to run out of room.

"The kids say when one of us or both of us die, they're gonna line them all up in the field out here [and] use BB guns," Nancy said. "They'll all pick their favorite first. As long as they enjoy 'em, I don't care what they do with them," she added lightheartedly.

The Millers are celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary today.


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