5 Ways to Handle Racist Relatives

Thanksgiving can be a time for stressful family gatherings when you are confronted with behavior you consider inappropriate

Are you dreading the possibility of racist jokes or racial slurs ruining your holiday visit with family?

About.com offers 5 Ways to Deal with Racist Relatives including:

  • Be direct
  • Get other relatives to help
  • Don't argue
  • Set consequences
  • Open their eyes

Setting boundaries and calling attention to racist behavior can be better than suffering in silence, according to race relations expert Nadra Kareem Nittle.

She suggests sticking to a script such as, "“I find your comments hurtful. Please don’t make these remarks in front of me again.” 

Staberdearth November 19, 2012 at 12:36 PM
I assume one handles them in the same way one handles racist neighbors. Intriguingly my neighbor had just gotten done in an across the fence neighbor chat, railing about Rush Limbaugh and how he hates him and loves Obama. Then in the same breath, as another neighbor is in the process of selling his home, wondered if that neighbor was going to be selling to "niggers"... I was astounded at the display! AMAZING...
Emma November 19, 2012 at 04:38 PM
It doesn't matter what color or outward appearance any human being was born with because every single one of us is identical below the skin. What counts is that "flesh and blood" treats one another with love and respect. It's God's second highest priority for humanity; we should take it seriously (MARK 12:27-32). May everyone have a very blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving! May your tables be graced with delicious food and positive conversation devoid of racial and ethnic slurs.


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